After Flying From America To Ghana Just To Marry His Girlfriend, He Forgot To Go Back Before The Traveling Restrictions. Now He’s Depressed

Mr. David English Came to Ghana just to Marry his girlfriend. He’s now stucked in Ghana for three months without intentions of staying much longer, but there’s nothing he can do.

He didn’t plan to stay this long. Health complications has started stepping in.

He’s one of the victims who couldn’t leave the country before the emergency lock down and restrictions placed on traveling

Now Mr English is battling depression
and anxiety and and he says he’s having a hard time finding medicine. He pleads with the president to open the borders so that he can go back to his country.

He tweeted
” @NAkufoAddo Please open the
borders. I came to Ghana to marry my
girlfriend and have been stuck here
for three months. I have depression
and anxiety and am having a hard
time finding the medicine.”

How come he missed the emergency evacuation that was provided? Maybe he was carried away by the big a$$ black girl he married.

Now that the president is easing the COVID-19 precautionary measures, we hope and pray he opens the borders as quickly as he can.

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