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A lot of people when they encounter any police officer either on the streets or walk into a police station, the commonest rank they call them by is Commander or Sergeant. It is either the above is what they know or they do not want to undermine the position of the officer but in as much as this might be the intention, it is equally wrong to address an officer by a rank that he or she hasn’t attained yet. Below are the major ranks in the Ghana Police Service (GPS). We are giving you all the ranks in the Ghana Police Service verified by the police service

All The Ranks In The Ghana Police Service
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These Are All The Ranks In The Ghana Police Service

  • Sergeant

All The Ranks In The Ghana Police Service A Police Sergeant is a first-line supervisor who assigns, plans, evaluates,  and reviews the work of other police officers under him. He or she also coordinates section activities and participates in police Operations. The symbol shown is what distinguishes one officer from the other, before addressing an officer of the law by rank,  always look for the symbol on his or her shoulders.

  • Regional Sergeant – Major

Regional Sergeant Major is a senior officer commissioned by appointment to see to the affairs of the region he or she is in charge of.  They are directly responsible for all the police officers in their regions to conform to national standards of the GPS,  discipline, welfare and morale among others.

  • Lance – Corporal

Lance corporal is yet another ranking in the Ghana Police Service. It is below the rank of corporal and is what most people would refer to as the lowest non-commissioned officer.  He or she is responsible for the behavior of a small group of officers and has welfare duty towards them.

  • Corporal

Corporal as a rank is above Lance corporal and has the role of ensuring that officers meet the standards of the Police Service in terms of job performance, physical fitness, appearances I.e dressing properly in their uniforms and all aspects of the police Service life both on and off duty. They also serve as liaisons with higher ranking officers and other service personnel.

  • Inspector

An Inspector is one of the higher ranks in the Ghana Police Service. The inspector supervise a wider margin of Police Officers than sergeants. Their work involve inspecting all elements of police work including personnel, case records, conduct,  premises and activities there in.  For this purpose, the rank or title Inspector General of Police (IGP) is the most senior police officer in the Ghana Police Service and is by appointment by the president of the republic

  • Chief Inspector

Chief Inspector plan, manage and monitor operational policing activity. They effectively and efficiently set the plan for deployment of resources to incidents, including major and/or critical incidents. By rank, it is one of the higher ranks in the Ghana police Service.

  • District Sergeant-Major

District Sergeant Major is one of the senior ranks in any particular District of Ghana.  He or she sees to the operations and affairs of the police officers in the district. This rank is below the District Chief command. As stated earlier,  the District Sergeant major does the role of a sergeant Major on the district level.

  • Constable

A constable is an officer who holds a particular office in the Ghana Police Service. This also is a lowest rank in the police Service. A constable therefore implies a person sworn in as a police officer.  Obviously this is the lowest rank however, Volunteers can be sworn in as constables and mostly are unpaid and work among the police officers to do some particular duties they have volunteered for.

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