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4 Artistes That Ghanaians Predicted Their Downfall Wrongly. The last One Will Surprise You

Ghanaians easily predicts doom for upcoming artists who becomes famous unexpectedly. Most of the upcoming artistes were predicted well.

Are articles are Atom, Wee Teacher,

Today we are presenting to you some of the artistes Ghanaians doom predictions didn’t work on, and why.

  1. Article Wan

In 2016, article who was then only a producer released “Solo“. I’m it’s surprised himself that the song became a street anthem hence the name “Article Wan” becoming a household name.

Article Wan

In order to revived the banger, he featured Stonebwoy for a Remix but that couldn’t extend the longevity of the song on the street.

Article Wan dropped a couple of songs but it did not make the magic. That was when Ghanaians thought he has sunk into the underground world.

Fast forward 2018, Patapaa saved him on his “That Thing”. Article Wan got another banger to support his already released songs.

  1. Patapaa

Patapaa reigned Ghana’s music scene with “One Corner” which came with it’s crazy dance. The song became viral, at least everyone in Ghana knew how to do the one corner 


Patapaa earned an international recognition coupled with white foreigner doing the dance. Nigeria became like the home where the song came from. You could see viral video of Don Jazy, Olamide, Reekado Banks and other top celebs doing the One Corner dance

It came to a time where some religious people had to badmouth him, saying the dance is demonic. Despite all these Patapaa continued to promote his song and released other songs.

Even though his music doesn’t make all that much sense, he in consistent in releasing them. Music lovers always love terms he uses in songs. These makes him music trendy.

Some of the songs Patapaa featured are “Akwaaba, That Thing, Body To Body, and Daavi Ne Neba”, all of which were hits

  1. Bosom P – Yung

For those who are close to him, they know “Ataa Adwoa” is not his genesis. Before changing his appearance and all the pink hair thing, P-Yung has released tracks and featured acts like Toff Dawg.

Bosom P-yung

Bosom has mostly being hypeman for Kweku Smoke, Making special appearance in his videos and vocally backing him up on his songs 

Bosom P-Yung’s stardom came accidentally when he released a video for Ataa Adwoa on “Flow Rhythm” YouTube channel. The comic nature of the track triggered audience hence becoming a household song.

Only a few know that “Ataa Adwoa” is just a single from HIS 7 track EP title “AWIESU”

He was bombarded with interviews from every corner of the country. One thing we can’t forget is his personality. The pink headed boy in the baggy jeans.

Bosom kept releasing bangers with features. There is always something new we love about his songs: if not the song itself, then a term or a dance move.

  1. Lord Paper

Imagine a love song being a background song for p0rm movie. That’s exactly what lord Paper did.

Lord Paper

Lord Paper gained his 30 seconds fame after releasing “Awurama” music video. Even though YouTube removed the video from his channel due to policy violation, we still can’t forget the wonderful scenes from it.

Despite the fact the his emerging stunt was uncalled for, that didn’t make him talentless. He went hibernation for sometime in order for people to forget his “Awurama” past. Others took it as he wasn’t fit for the industry.

People are now enjoying Paper’s recent songs as he’s recording more trendy songs without negative stunts


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