Avoid 1% Deduction Using First Atlantic Bank Short Code

In February 2020, First Atlantic Bank launched its shortcode to facilitate speedy banking. With the help of the shortcode, you can check your bank balance without going to the bank. Already, some of the telcos were already supplementing the bank with an option on their mobile money shortcodes.

What Is The First Atlantic Bank (FAB) Short Code?

The official shortcode for FAB is *442#. But you can use other options on your mobile money but they are limited to depositing money into your bank account and withdrawing money from your linked bank account

First Atlantic Bank Shortcode

FAB deducts 1% of your money when depositing or making withdrawal into your mobile money account each time you use the code. That is the only option that is charged using the USSD Code. Even though the Bank’s attention has been drawn to this, it has still refused to review this option.

Making deposits at the bank attracts no charges.

In order to avoid the one percent deduction when making a withdrawal or making a deposit into your account just use the MTN Mobile Money Shortcode *170#

How To Withdraw Money Into Your Mobile Money Account Without Paying The Charges

  1. Dial *170# on your phone when using MTN Network.
  2. Reply With (5) Financial Service
  3. Select (1) Bank Service
  4. Select Either (1) or (2)
  5. Select (12) First Atlantic bank
  6. Select Your Account
  7. Enter Amount

What Can You Do With The First Atlantic Bank Short Code?

  1. Buy Airtime and Mobile Data
  2. Account Services
  • Request Cheque book
  • Cancel Cheque Book
  • Stop Cheque
  • Request Card
  • Block Card

3. Transfers

4. Pay Bills

5. Invest

5. Inquiries

  • Account Balance
  • Mini Statement
  • FX Rates

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