Burna Boy – Way Too Big Lyrics

Burna Boy - Monsters You Made Us
Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall Album Cover Art
[Verse 1] I dey tell you my guy
You know my style
E no be jazz

Them dey sell am for eBay
If you say you get the mind
And you wanna try
You go go die iberibe

It’s been a landslide for a long time
But them no wan believe me

All of una combined
Shey you wan try
Oya do am, if it easy

Who bad enough? Who do it like me? (Wait)
Make una phone my cellular, wait
Your back and your spinal cord e go break
If you carry my weight
[Chorus] Because I’m way too big
Way too big to be fucking with you

And be moving with you, mmm
Because I’m way too smart
Way too smart to be falling in your trap
Fucking with you, mmm
Because I’m way too cool
Way too cool to be losing my cool