A Group Of Ashawo assaults a New member for reducing her Price During Lock down

A group Of ashawo girls has assaulted one of their friends who has reduced her price due to low patronage.

Her friends are bitter as she’s is the only one who has been picked up by customers for services daily.

It is alleged that she is new in the business..

Further information gathered from twitter user explained further that, the girl who has been molested only came to stay with her friends as she can no longer stay in the hotel she had lodged in due to the lockdown directives that hotels and guesthouses have followed.

it’s clear that these wild girls are Ghanaians as they speak Ghanaian indigenous language Twi in their fight. Even though other friends of one of them tried to stop the most bitter one, she has no intention of stopping.

Listening to the background sound of the video they discussed how she was earlier disciplined by her other colleagues for snatching their customers with lower prices .

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