How these people became famous, but where are they?

  1. Two Thoozin
Franklin Quartey a.k.a Twoo Thoozin

Franklin Quartey is popularly known as Twoo Thoozin. He loves Acrobatics, reggae music and makes beads at art centre in Accra.

He won the heart of Ghanaians and went viral in 2015. Franklin rose to fame after a short clip of him went viral when he was asked how he was ushering himself into 2015 on the 31st Night of 2014. His English was unique from the average English-speaking person’s English. Almost all his English ended with “ly”

His pronunciation of 2014 earned him his popular name Two Thoozin (two toozin). Franklyn enjoyed celebrity status for some time before his fame quenched.

It has been years since we heard from him again. But he does resurfaces sometimes with stunts that receive little attention.

  1. Rashida Black Beauty
Rashiatu Mohammed a.k.a Rashida Black Beauty

In 2016, Rashiatu Mohammed popularly known as Rashida Black Beauty who was a teen then became an internet star after a video of her dishing out insult to her ex-boyfriend surfaced online. Rashida became brokenhearted after her boyfriend “Kushman” was snatched from her by another girl.

She coined the word MALAFAAKA.

Rashida who resides in Brekum in the Brong Ahafo Region was invited to Accra for interviews on the topic. She attained a celebrity status due to the hilarious nature of her two (2) videos which surfaced online. She was also featured by Mr. Awesome and Kooko in their music and video.

Rashida was nominated for Viasat1 Jigwe awards for Viral Video where she won. She received donations from individuals to continue her education. Rashida left the public scene for a while and resurfaced in 2018 where a disgusting n*de video of her was leaked online.

Rashida later became pregnant and dropped out of school. She has since then hasn’t received the attention of the media like her Malafaka days.

  1. Ibrahim Adaabor Issah
Ibrahim Adaabor Issah a.k.a Honourable Aponkye

Isaac Adaabor Ibrahim was an assemblyman contestant for the Adukrom electoral area in the Ashanti Region. He earned his popular Honorable Aponkye name due to his looks as many think he looked like a he-goat.

Honourable became an internet sensation after a video of him making very ambitious campaign promises went viral on social media. Even though he lost the election, He enjoyed fame.

Prior to and after the election, Honourable enjoyed the media attention where he elaborate on his ridiculous campaign promises.

After the election, he made efforts to fit into the entertainment industry where he starred in Mmebusem’s short videos. He also attempted doing music but all his efforts didn’t gain him any major recognition

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