How To Start A Fan Base As A Young Artiste

It’s the dream of every creative person to have people that support their goals. Most importantly, people that will value their craft and would love to pay for them. It is the same in the corporate world. In art, we termed it as fanbase whilst the corporate world calls its customers.

How To Start A Fan Base

Here are tips that we have gathered from our search for organizing a strong fanbase. This would not apply to everyone as some may get their fans naturally. Some people do not plan before they are hit by stardom.

In case you’re not fortunate to be hit by stardom by surprise, this is for you 😍.

  1. Create A Good Content That You Love

As a creative person, the first thing you must do is to create content that you want. it is from the content that you will find who likes it. It should be your choice. If this is not working, then you can create content that you think will attract people. Try as much as possible not to plagiarize anyone.

  1. Maximize Your Online Presence.

Today, the majority of the marketing is done online. Billboards only take just a little aspect. As an artiste, you must be able to make engaging posts that are appealing to your fans and potential fans. You must be able able to reply to most of the comments and be consistent with his social media presence. In case you don’t have enough time, hire an expert to do this for you if you can. We at do this as well at an affordable price.




How Do You Get People To Follow You?

  • The first set of people that should follow you should be your friends, school mates, coworkers. If you’re able to impress these people, they’ll recommend you to other people. Unless your brand is a unanimous brand that you don’t want people to know that it’s you.
  • Share your pages and social media accounts in groups. Share them into groups that have something to do with your field. For example, if you’re doing music, share your pieces of stuff into a group that has something to do with music.
  • Promote your work by sponsoring an ad (advertisement). This is the inorganic part where you have to pay to get your work to reach a larger audience. Every social media platform has method of doing it. it is advisable to contact an expert or learn how to do it else you won’t reach your desired audience.

Commenting on people’s posts also exposes you to the mass. Your comments should not be biased. It must be positive if possible and must always have something to do with the content you’re commenting on. Those who like your comment are likely to check on your profile.

In all, you have to use all the above skills to get people to your social media accounts

How Do You Maintain Your Fans?;- Keeping Relevant.

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