How to use MTN midnight bundle at daytime

Read carefully. This article will be taken down soon as we may be threatened by service providers. You can write some of this methods down

MTN Ghana gives 2.87GB for GH1 at Midnight. The midnight bundles can only be used from 12:00 midnight to 4:59am. This bundle does not expires and can be used the next days as well.


On my search for how to use cheap data, I’ve found out how to use just GHc 2.99 to get 8.59GB for all day long and won’t expire. Isn’t it amazing ?

All that I want you to know is that you can use MTN’s night data bundle in the day time, and it’s fast as the normal MTN hi-speed internet.

Here’s how to set your midnight data for day use. Read carefully and don’t miss any step. A step missed may lead to banning of you from using the midnight data service. It’s a cheat as you and I know very well-equipped.

Set the time of your phone to 12am or 00:00HRS. This time marks midnight but before setting this time make sure you use all you midnight data. Let it be 0.00GB. It won’t activate if you have any data on your phone

After setting the time to midnight, make sure you disable auto time setting on your phone. This will prevent automatic of your time. Some phones make use of your data to set your time. It consumes but just a little of your data. This is normal. It’s better than wasting your time to explore your phone’s settings just to set your time.

Restart your phone. Make sure you close all apps. Off data before restarting it. It is very important to know that all individual SIM card activities are recorded in the MTN databases. So restarting your phone will restart your MTN database. This will Make MTN feel it’s night at your end.

Purchase your midnight data. Make sure you buy just GHc 2.99. Buying more may put you under suspect. However, you can buy more after exhausting the the first purchase. You can also dedicate a SIM card for this that will put you on the GMT time of the service provider.

You’re now good to surf the web. Buy more data using your Momo and enjoy more bonuses. You can also dial *141# for more exciting offers

If you encounter any problem whilst activating this service click here and put in your enquiry. We’ll attend to you at the appropriate time.

Now that you’ve realized it’s April fool prank. What are you going to do? TRY OT OR IGNKRE ?

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