#HustlingVRSslaying; Successful man disguised himself as coconut seller got humiliated

There has been a challenge named “Hustling vrs Slaying” going on in social media groups where members of these groups post pictures of themselves at work versus pictures of themselves living a lavish lifestyle in their best dresses.

The challenge has been going on for a while now and it has been fun. People with different professions took part in this challenge of which they slayed. One user in a Facebook group named “Tell It All” with the user name Torgbe Boso Asai posted a picture of himself selling coconut as hustling and another picture of himself in a regular dress as slaying.

He was left in the hands of “mean” group members who ridiculed him for posting such a picture as slaying. Many made ill comments on his post like the one below but he kept his cool with humble replies

Many people reached out to him to help him find a better job than the selling of coconut. This is where he apologized for staring up emotions positively and negatively with his disguised personality. He then properly introduced himself properly.

Mr. Boso Osai is not a coconut seller, even though he has ventured into it before, that was years ago when he was in Junior High School. He is also not poor as the first pictures portrayed. He is actually successful.

He wrote “

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer…
Hello good people of TIA.
I am very very grateful for the love shown since I made an earlier post of me slaying and hustling at same time as a coconut seller.
I need to say that the impression of my status of life has been gotten wrong.
I am not a coconut seller even though I have sold coconut before but that was just about a JSS boy who felt like adventuring.
The second picture was taken at a fitting shop where I sent my car for some works, I was trying to keep my beard to look a little horrible in my own way, something I do once a while.
Initially, the post was just for fun out of which I have seen how people react to others predicament.
I need to state that there are a lot of good people here who empathised with me and tried to offer help to uplift the “poor coconut seller”.
I am not a coconut seller.
I did not make this post for any benefit.
I am very sorry I stared up emotions positively and negatively.
God bless you all.
Thanks for all those who called and messaged me to encourage me.
I’m very grateful.”


This must be a lesson to us.

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