I’ll resurrect your dead career; Tom D’frick fires Hecta

All seems not be well in the Volta Music fraternity. Aside artistes complaining about the “So called gate-keepers”, the is also a raging feud among artistes.

Rapper Tom D’frick calls Hecta out for allegedly gossiping about him. He tagged Hecta in a Facebook post and drew his attention to the allegation.

In case you don’t know Tom D’Frick, he’s branded as the richest rapper in the Volta region, his flashy lifestyle has given him more attention and recognition.

Even though Hecta has not responded yet, it’s clear this will end up being a fight should he attempt to respond as Tom threatened his career with ” I will raise your dead career like l did for some other rappers

Hecta has ever been a household name in the Volta region. With his nationwide hit Evuna featuring Guru in 2014, he influenced the music scene in the Volta region, just that his influence was short-lived.

Tom D’Frick has recognized him as OG but says he wouldn’t let that be the reason to let things slide.

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