In Prison But Pregnant Without Husband, But Finally Granted Bail After Giving Birth In Prison.

A young lady who gave birth in Nsawam prison has been granted bail after Give Me Hope foundation led by Noble Wisdom Dordoe came to her rescue. Even though her offense has not been stated, we believe it’s just a minor offense.

As she has been locked behind bars, her partner refused to take responsibility of the pregnancy and her poor family too couldn’t afford a lawyer.

As far as she was exposed to unfavorable conditions in the prison, she always fell sick and sometimes goes off unconsciously. Mr Noble, her guardian angel has to make arrangement with doctors and nurses in the Nsawam hospital for urgent care should the need arise.

After finding a lawyer for her, it took them more than a month to find her docket and she had to attend court with her long belly to appeal the judges sympathy.

It took more than a month for the Give Me Hope foundation to meet the bail conditions which resulted in to conceiving an innocent child in the prison.

They’re now granted bail and the baby named after Mr. Noble Wisdom Dordoe

He’s all that Mr Noble posted

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