Love Is A Scam – A Girl Successfully Changed Her Loving Boyfriend To A Fvck Boy

A Nigerian teenager with Facebook handle Se Qu Ence has officially joined the Fvck Boy brotherhood. It happened after he went through heartbreak with his ex lover Nicki Nancy Ordugo.

In a birthday wish he posted for his ex girlfriend, he confessed to missing her but also learnt that all that was only a waste of his precious time.

He said three (3) things he learnt from his relationship with her is as follows.

  1. Love is scam
  2. Girls don’t deserve love
  3. Girls are never to be trusted.

Se Qu Ence however did not State whatsoever Nicki did to him but he is not happy with his ex

He however wished to reward her for the lessons she has thought him with some bottles of beer.

Below is what he wrote

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