Man Fired For “Farting” Loud At Work And He Is Now Employed To Fart

Paul Flart Was Fired For Farting At Work and this changed his whole life.  A Florida resident who has been identified as Florida Man Doug was fired at work on 25th March 2018 2018 for farting loud on duty. He found pleasure in farting and posted in his WhatsApp group. Within a short time, the video went viral which pissed off his boss. This made his boss sack him from the job.

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As at the time he was being sacked, he was still confident and filmed the whole incident. Media outlets made stories about it and he became popular. His Instagram account had a massive growth to thousands which gave birth to his new name “Paul Flart“.

Paul has now branded his farting skills and he is making thousands of dollars online with it. VICE made a documentary about it

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