I Asked My Boyfriend To Quit His Job, My Father Slapped Him To Test If He Is A Marriage Material

Whilst men often enjoy the supremacy of looking for some qualities such as patience, respect, and how to do house chores, which qualifies a lady to be a marriage Material before marriage in a typical African society before marriage, a lady has turned this rules opposite at this moment. Nigerian lady asked her boyfriend to quit his job before she marries him. Maybe this is extreme feminism or something else.lol

A Twitter user by name Chisara Agoha Narrated how she made her husband undergo a series of tests which made him qualified and approved by her father and brother before accepting him to marry her.

She made him quit his well-paid job and asked him to stay with her father and serve him. There was a time where her father even Slapped him but he didn’t react. He later stayed with her elder brother where he has to wash his car and also prepare breakfast.

After all these treatments, he was confirmed eligible to marry her. These are her full tweet and the reactions from her followers. We know she’s just being sarcastic, but men, would you do this?

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