Where are these popular Ghanaians?


The word celebrity means someone who is well known and whose presence commands public attention due to their impact on society. Personally, I think a celebrity is someone who is continuously celebrated by way of their actions in society. In Ghana, however, we have seen people who became celebrities and internet sensations for trivial reasons.

  1. Kwame Owusu Fordjour

Kwame Owusu Fordjour is popularly known as Dr. UN. He became a household name after conning some well-known personalities of which Sarkodie was a victim. He pretended to be a wealthy and renowned person who rewarded hard-working artistes in Ghana. He presented many artistes with fake awards to celebrate them. Till today, Dr. UN is a free man instead of being behind bars for misrepresentation.


  1. Shatta Bundle

Another individual who is popular in Ghana and beyond is Shatta Bundle. He became an internet sensation after a short video of him went viral. In the video, he made indeterminate claims of being the richest man in Africa. This statement earned him a spot on the celebrity train and he has since then featured in music videos and traveled the world to meet famous people.


  1. Mona moble

The phrase mona moble became a street slang after a mentally challenged man was interviewed by an unknown person. In the video, he appeared to be giving advice to the sane people in the society while sarcastically sympathizing with them. After his video went viral an Instagram account was created for him of which he has over three thousand followers. He was recently given a makeover and looks like a big-time businessman. Pictures of him before the transformation however remain laughable WhatsApp stickers to date.


  1. Nana Adabor Ibrahim Isaah Ampim

Nana Ampim is popularly known as Hon. Aponkye. Hon. Aponkye first came into the limelight after contesting the Adukrom-Nima electoral area as an assemblyman. During his campaign, he made outrageous promises to the people in order to earn their votes. After a video of him making such promises went viral, he was granted several interviews on popular television and radio stations. He, however, lost miserably to his opponent Abdul-Rashid Musah despite providing breakfast for the voters on the day of voting. He has since then ventured into the music industry where he is barely pulling meaningful numbers.


  1. Emmanuel Yeboah

Ay Poyoo as he is popularly known doubles as a musician and a comedian. He became popular after he released a song entitled ” Goat”. Goat is a common street slang which means (Greatest Of All Time). In Ay Poyoo’s song, however, he was seen mimicking an actual goat and went down on all fours in his video. He also happens to have a beef with Hon. Aponkye as they argue on who is the actual Goat. He is still pursuing his musical career and keeps making songs similar to his hit song Goat.


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