Senior High Schools Received 100 Buses And More Still To Come.

The government of Ghana has distributed 100 buses to senior high schools in a fulfillment of the President’s commitment not only to increase  access but also to ensure complementary resources which will enable the delivery of education to the Ghanaian pupils.

In a ceremony held on July 30, 2020, the Vice President of the republic of Ghana has given the keys to the buses to schools from these regions, Bono East, North Eastern, Oti, Bono, Upper West, Savannah, Ahafo and Northern. Dr. Bawumia charged the heads of the various high schools to ensure the proper use of the buses and schools that received their share of the buses in 2016 were exempted from the distribution for fairness.

To aid the officials of circuit supervisors, 493 out of a total of 2,000 motorbikes have been distributed earlier this year to enhance their supervisory roles and according to the ministry if education officials, vehicles will be given also.

“The President believes that the significant educational reforms that his government has rolled out since 2017 will come to naught if we do not provide the necessary logistical support for our schools to run effectively as they deliver their mandate for the Ghanaian child. Our schools have various challenges in the discharge of their administrative functions, and these vehicles, i am sure will go a long way to help address some of these challenges” as the vice president Dr. Bawumia remarks.

He continued to state that “We are already addressing the issue of infrastructure projects in all schools across the country, with even more ongoing, in fulfillment of our pledge to make education accessible to all.”

The vice president also added that “in the past, vehicles were procured by the ministry of education without any plan of how or when to pay for it. This often put a great deal of strain on vendors and left the ministry wallowing in depth. I am happy to emphasize the point that these vehicles have been fully paid for. That is competence and good management. I commend the minister of education, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh, for his stewardship at the ministry. I also commend the minister of finance for his understanding and support.”

In his closing remarks, he added that ” this government will continue ti invest in the education of its citizens because it is the right thing to do. We will  continue to invest in our front-line managers of our educational institutions. they are central to any education reform we seek to pursue, and we must equip them with the necessary tools to enhance their work. We will not relent on this commitment.”

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