Reason why Shatta Wale reported at Hitz FM at 6:40 am ahead of his 8:00 am scheduled time.

Hitzfm has shared a screenshot of a chat they had with Shatta wale on their Facebook page. In the chat, Shatta Wale shared with them a picture proof that he has reported ahead of time.

Shatta Wale has been scheduled for an interview with Andy Dosty on the Daybreak Hitz program, in which the interview will commence at 8:00am.

Shocked as they are, Shatta Wale responded that he doesn’t want to be late for the program.. Maybe there maybe heavy traffic in his area to the Hitzfm studio.

Artistes lateness to interviews has been frown on by many radio presenters and had been a topic for discussion on radio stations and even on televisions. There has been times that celebrities had been asked to leave due to their lateness.

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