Party girl refused to go home after several rounds of s*x, insists to marry me – Man Cries

A young man who has taken home an unknown girl from a party is now complaining after the lady has refused to go home after two days with him. He said they had two days of s*xual pleasures. It was supposed to be one day but the lady requested the second day to be added.

The young man is now confused and doesn’t know what to do as the lady has refused to go home. Things have gone a different way as planned. She seeks to marry the young man as she sees husband qualities in him. Even though they had s*x he says she’s not his kind of lady he wants to marry.

She refused to leave after several sex

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When she was given money for transportation, she rather used the money to buy soap to do the laundry and prepare food for the young man. He now seeks help in a Facebook group “Tell It All” for advice on what to do

She refused to leave after several sex

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