Shut Up Jerry – Maurice Ampaw To Rawlings

Lawyer, Maurice Ampaw explained the mass failure of the law students entrance exams and also debunked former President Jerry John Rawlings critique that the failure of the students were deliberate.

This year, only 128 students out of the 1,820 candidates who sat for entrance exams passed. The GLC, the administrators of legal education in Ghana, revealed that students performed poorly, although calls for them to release students’ scripts have been ignored.

Criticizing the GLC during an interaction with executives of the Ghana Journalist Association on Thursday, former president Rawlings revealed that one of his daughters fell victim to what many describe as a crude pruning of law students wishing to enter the law school due to a lack of space.

“Ninety-three per cent failure and you [GLC] think you can get away with blaming the students? You don’t blame the establishment, the institution? Rawlings fumed.

The former President also took a swipe at the security agencies for applying ferine force during a demonstration by the National Association of Law Students.

Expressing his view on the former President’s scathing attack on the GLC in an interview with Boamah Darko, host of ‘Maakye’ on Accra-based Hot 93.9FM, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw indicated angrily that the former President should shut up from criticising the General Legal Council because the students are not learning.

”Most of the students because of social media they don’t learn… look at the time we sleep… most of the students because of broken heart; they are married so they don’t get time to learn, most of them are commercially stressed so they can’t learn… most of them are doing their courses part-time… So the students are not learning,” Mr Ampaw told Boamah

He angrily added, “Rawlings should shut up… Yes, Rawlings should shut up for attacking the Ghana Legal Council… he is being unfair to them, he is making serious allegations against them that they should be held responsible and then the failure of the students is a fraud being committed against the students… my brother, leave the Ghana Legal Council and the Chief Justice alone…the Legal council and the Chief Justice, nobody can intimidate them in this country.”
Touching on the ferine force the security agencies applied on the National Association of Law students during the demonstration, the outspoken Lawyer astonishingly indicated that he would’ve disqualified all the students who went on the demonstration if he were the head of the Ghana Legal Council because they(Students) lack integrity.

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