SLAYQUEENS BEEF: Sazzy Jabs Saa Chick Nu For Using Her Pics To Advertise Cheap H00k up Group

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, Popular Snapchat ashawo who uses the alias Sazzy (sc = Sazzy_baby) went wild on her snapchat account to extend her displeasure to another slay queen Saa Chick Nu (sc = Jakonobea).

She claims Saa Chick Nu is using her pics to advertise cheap premium groups without her knowledge hence reducing the value of her brand. Sazzy on her defense posted an alleged flyer which seems to be a screenshot from Jakonobea’s snapchat account. The inscription on the flyer claims Sazzy will be in a particular premium group and willing to do n@ked video call and h00kup s3x.

Sazzy again went extra hard on Saa Chick Nuu to describe her as an old depreciated woman who has lost her value in the h00k up business. She simply means she’s cheap.

Below is what sazzy posted.

Anytime, everyday, anywhere i pass , Sazzy this Sazzy that , why do people just love tarnishing someone who u don’t know anywhere image like that, u created ur cheap h00k up group and u want costumers to join, why don’t u do ur n@ked videos This nonsense must stop, u people should share it for me for that old woman SAA CHCK NU or whatever the name is to see it, what nonsense is that, am tired of u people

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