The 69 Years Old Pensioner Who Just Got His Law Degree.

A 69 year old man by name Philip Dhlamini who just graduated at the University of Limpopo with a Bachelor of Laws(LLB) degree definitely is or will be an inspiration to older folks and even to the younger ones.

Mr. Dhlamini is a retired Soldier born on December 17, 1951. He became a member of Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) which is now known as The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania and it’s military wing, Azanian People’s Liberation Army(APLA) who later was elected the National Chairperson of the PAC.

From 1989 – December 1990, he was a trade unionist and served as secretary for legal affairs for the PAC and in 1996, he was the the Deputy Chairperson of the APLA Military Veterans Association which was later integrated into South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and he was ranked Warrant Officer Class I in March 1996 and later ranked Colonel. He then did a senior Military Staff Course at South African National War College in 2007.

Has his passion for “Lawing” emerged as a result of being a secretary for legal affairs for the then PAC? How long did it take or how many years has the Colonel waited to be a holder of LLB degree?

If the Colonel has counted the so many odds at his age, surely he won’t have graduated or even taken that first step to enroll. The ex Soldier even revealed that he got along with the young students and there was no difficulty in attending classes.

There are many who have either abandoned their dreams or are reluctant in working hard to accomplish them. From Philip’s unbelievable graduation story, one can never be lazy to accomplishing whatever goals set.

Certainly his age should have been a problem to him because surely he was going to be in class with students who would be younger than he is or even perhaps students who can equally be his children and what about the lecturers who were going to tutor him yet despite all these, he excelled through.

Source: People’s Assembly, Gideon Asare


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