These ladies became popular due to their body parts

Every human being is unique in different ways. Uniqueness comes in distinct forms. It ranges from skin color to texture of hair and overall appearance. Over the years, we have seen the internet setting high standards for beauty that is, who or what qualifies to be called beautiful. Today, we explore the lives of five ordinary people who became famous as a result of their body parts. These people defy the internet’s standards of beauty with their unique body parts.

  1. Moesha Boduong

Ghanaians are no strangers to the heavily endowed Maurecia Babiinoti Bodoung alas Moesha. The thirty-one years old lady is known for her massive backside and hips. She has over the years granted interviews to both television and radio presenters with most of them asking her if her backside is natural. The answer to this question however is always unclear as she tries to avoid the question. We can all agree that her backside is all-natural despite the fact that we have seen a drastic increase in them over the years. Thanks to her backside, she has been able to land a few movie roles, featured in music videos, and has close to three million followers on Instagram.

  1. Hajia4Real

Mona Faiz Montrage popularly known as Hajia4Real is another personality who became famous due to her perfectly rounded hips and ass. Aside her unique body parts, she has spotless skin and a pretty face to accompany her looks. She openly stated in numerous interviews that she is an entrepreneur, an influencer, and an actress. Most people, however, know her as a slay queen and her actual line of business is unknown. She recently entered the music industry after expressing her love for music. Currently, she has four music videos in which she shows off her assets and said talent to her fans.

  1. Pamela Odame Watara

Pamela Watara is a young upcoming model and actress. She is privileged to have a Kenyan father and a Ghanaian mother. She became famous after appearing in a Ghallywood movie titled Rockstar Hospital. She was noticed for having large milking factories that are big breasts. This made her the talk of the public and earned her spots in many music videos including one with Sarkodie. She gained the nickname Wisconsin after it was discovered that she lied about schooling in Wisconsin University. She has been rumored to have videos on a popular adult video website.

  1. Hajia Bintu

The pandemic gave all of us a lot of time with little or nothing to do. A lot of people became innovative and others developed themselves. Naomi Asiamah was one of such persons who used the pandemic to their advantage. She started uploading videos on Tiktok where she created funny contents but her massive backside caught everyone’s attention. In most of her videos, she can be seen flaunting her backside. She immediately became a fantasy girlfriend to many men of which Shatta Wale was part. The renowned musician even wrote an entire song about her. In the song, he sang fondly about her to his friends. Unknown to them, she was playing them all, affirming the infamous saying ”FEAR WOMEN”.

  1. Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

Born 25th December 1990 to Gambian parents, Princess Shyngle was her birth name. She is an actress and a producer. She moved from Gambia to stay in Accra- Ghana. She has featured in a lot of Nigerian and Ghanaian movies. She became a topic of discussion because of her ridiculous waist size. The tiny nature of her waist makes her hips appear bigger than usual. Many people have raised concerns about her waist with some wondering if she had her ribs surgically removed to achieve the size or if she can ever give birth. Despite the health risks which may be associated with her having such a tiny waist, she continues to wear corsets making her waist even tinier.

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