These people wanted to be famous to they went completely naked

Fame is not an easy thing to come by neither is it easy to maintain. Over the years, we have seen people rise to the climax of fame and did shameful things to maintain their spot.

 Despite the shame, some, however, couldn’t maintain the fame.

 Do you know how far a person can go to become famous? Well, in this article, I will take you on a tour down memory lane to revisit some of such moments where talented Ghanaians went naked for fame.

Like I said it earlier, here are 5 popular Ghanaians who went far to the extent of stripping naked for fame and also promoting their career.

  1. Wisa Greid

Wisa had his breakthrough Song Ekikime in 2015 where he became a household name. He earned a remix of the Ekikime song from Sarkodie.  Unfortunately, he was carried away by his performance during the 2015 Edition of Citi FM’s Decemba to Rememba where he removed his manhood live on stage for the audience. Despite the backlash from the public due to the tiny nature of his manhood, Wisa faced numerous legal issues as well. His career crumbled apart and was cut short. [maybe, like his manhood].

Wisa was later signed to D-Balcks’s Black Avenue Music Record Label but that couldn’t resuscitate his career. He still strives to become relevant.

  1. Lord Paper

In order to be noticed in the entertainment industry. The North K guy had a plan. On 1st September 2016, Lord paper released a beautiful song titled Awurama. In order to get into the trend, He chose a romantic storyline for the video which contained 80% pornographic scenes. The music video trended; He became the topic for discussion for most entertainment shows for some time. He enjoyed being interviewed but the music video was banned on YouTube and other streaming sites. Lord Paper had achieved the purpose of his fame stunt. But there was just one problem: He didn’t plan on how to maintain THE TREND.

 His fame vanished when pornographic lovers chose pro-level X..Videos over his music videos.

Even though Lord Paper has dropped some hit songs after the incident, he has not been able to maintain stardom.

  1. Paulette Broohm

Paulette Broohm was a TV3  Mentor 1 runner-up. She left the music scene for more than a decade. And later resurfaced in 2017 under the stage name Salty or Salty Kush.

As a way of announcing her presence, Salty asked her fans and followers to hashtag her,’ Do something crazy’ which she was willing to go nude.

With the help of some bloggers, she shot semi-nude pictures of herself and used it to announce the release day for her comeback single “Go Crazy”

Several bloggers wrote stories announcing and condemning her act. On the final day for her to release the song, she didn’t publish the full nude picture as promised. Her strategy didn’t resurrect her hibernated career.

  1. Rosemond Brown

Known in the Public domain as Akuapem Poloo, she strives to excel in the entertainment industry. Rosemond has been labeled as a drama queen as she always gets noticed wherever she finds herself through her stunts. She can boast of being the headline for most entertainment blogs due to her numerous stunts. On 30th June 2020, the Ghanaian movie star uploaded a controversial nude photo of herself and her son on the occasion of her son’s seventh birthday.

 The photo went viral. She received negative criticism and backlash from the public.

As if that wasn’t enough, she was convicted by the Accra Circuit Court for the act. And was sentenced to 90 days in prison. Lucky enough for her she was granted bail after two (2) days and has kept a low profile since.

  1. Christabel Ekeh

In 2017, We woke up to Christabel Ekeh’s nude pictures flying all over social media. It appeared that they were sourced from her own Instagram account. Christabel’s pictures were all nude with “Fuck U” boldly written at her back in one of them.

Her colleague movie stars and celebrities tried defending her integrity and morality and alleged that she had lost her sanity and might be mentally unstable But In an interview with Abeiku Santana, the actress said she was a victim of blackmail and wanted to get control of her own nudity and not have it used as a weapon against her thus she posted the nude pictures.

In 2018, another set of her photos with Samuel Bravo surfaced online where they were both completely nude in a romantic posture.

Instagram took down the pictures and blocked the account as it violates their community rules.

That could be the end of her nude pictures circulating on the internet but bloggers and other social media users got hold of the pictures and had them republished.

Even though she has since repented in a Christian faith and has adopted preaching the word of God in her post, it will be very difficult to expunge those naked pictures

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